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Concrete Operations
In Piaget's theory, a stage of cognitive development occurring roughly between the ages of seven and eleven.It is at this stage that children graspsuch princiĀ­ples as conservation and the capacity fo......
Concurrent Validity
The relationship between test scores and current performance relative to some criterion.......
Conditioned Response (CR)
In classical conditioning, the response to the conditioned stimulus.......
Conditioned Stimulus (CS)
In classical conditioning, the stimulus that is repeatedly paired with an unconditioned stimulus.......
Conditioned Taste Aversion
A type of conditioning in which the UCS (usually internal cues associated with nausea or vomiting) occurs several hours after the CS CS (often a novel food), leading to a strong CS-UCS association in ......
Conditions of Worth
In Rogers's theory, individuals' beliefs that they must meet certain unrealistic conditions in order to be loved or accepted.......
Sensory receptors in the eye that play a crucial role in sensations of color.......
Confirmation Bias
The tendency to pay attention primarily to information that confirms existing views or beliefs.......
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