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Facial Feedback Hypothesis
A hypothesis indicating that facial expressions can influence as well as reflect emotional states .......
False Consensus Effect
The tendency to believe that other persons share our attitudes to a greater extent than is true.......
Family Therapy
A form of psychotherapy that focuses on changing interaction-.or relations among family members.......
imaginary events or scenes that a person experi­ences while awake.......
A condition in which the visual image of a nearby object is focused behind rather than directly on the retina.Therefore close objects appear out of focus, while dis­tant objects are seen clearly......
Fast Mapping
A process through which children attach a new word to an underlying concept on the basis of a single encounter with it.
Feature Detectors
Neurons at various levels within the visual cortex that respond primarily to stimuli possessing certain features.......
The developing child during the last seven months of prenatal development.......
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