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Figure-Ground Relationship
Our tendency to divide the perceptual world into two distinct parts:discrete figures and the background against which they stand out.
Excessive investment of psychic energy in a partieĀ­ular stage of psychosexual development, which results in various types of psychological disorders.
Fixed-Interval Schedule
A schedule of reinforcement in which a specific interval of time must elapse before a response will yield reinforcement.
Fixed-Ratio Schedule
A schedule of reinforcement in which reinforcement occurs only after a fixed number of responses have been emitted.......
Flashbulb Memories
Vivid memories of what we were doing at the time of an emotion-provoking event.......
Procedure for eliminating conditioned fears based on principles of classical conditioning. During flooding an individual is exposed to fear-inducing objects or events.Since no unconditioned stimulus t......
Fluid Intelligence
Aspects of intelligence that involve formĀ­ing concepts,reasoning, and identifying similarities.......
Foot-in-the-Door Technique
A technique for gaining compliance in which a small request is followed by a larger one. ......
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