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Genetic Linkage Analysis
A procedure used to determine the location of specific genes based on their proximity to known reference points on chromosomes.......
Genetic Theories of Aging
Theories suggesting that aging results from genetic programming that regulates the aging process.......
Genital Stage
In Freud's theory, the final psychosexual stage of development-one in which individuals acquire the adult capacity to combine lust with affection.......
Gestalt Psychologists
German psychologists intrigued by our tendency to perceive sensory patterns as well-organized wholes rather than as separate, isolated parts.
Gestalt Therapy
A form of humanistic psychotherapy designed to increase individuals' awareness and underĀ­standing of their own feelings.......
Movements of various body parts that convey a specific meaning to others.......
Glial Cells
Cells in the nervous system that surround, supĀ­port, and protect neurons.......
Goal-Setting Theory
A theory that explains why setting specific, challenging goals for a given task often leads to improvements in performance.......
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