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Infantile Amnesia
Inability to remember the first two or three years of life, probably because we did not possess a well-developed self-concept during that period......
Inferential Statistics
Statistical procedures that provide infor­mation on the probability that an observed event is due to chance and that permit us to determine whether differences between individuals or groups are ones ......
Information-Processing Approach
An approach to under ­standing human memory that emphasizes the encoding, stor­age, and later retrieval of information.......
Informed Consent
Participants' agreement to take part in a research project after they are provided with information about the nature of such participation.......
A technique of social influence based on induc­ing increased liking in the target person before influence is attempted.
Disorder involving the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep.......
Instinct Theory
A theory of motivation suggesting that many forms of behavior stem from innate urges or tendencies.......
Patterns of behavior assumed to be universal in a species .......
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