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A system of symbols, plus rules for combining them, used to communicate information.......
Latency Stage
In Freud's theory, the psychosexual stsge of development that follows resolution of the Oedipus complex.During this stage, sexual desires are relatively weak.
Latent Content
In Freud's theory, the hidden content of dreams.......
Lateralization of Function
Specialization of the two hemispheres of the brain for the performance of different functions.
Laws of Grouping
Simple principles describing how we tend to group discrete stimuli together in the perceptual world.

The process through which one member of a group (its leader)exerts influence over other group memĀ­bers with respect to the attainment of shared group goals.
Learned Helplessness
Feelings of helplessness that develop after exposure to situations in which nothing individuals do affects their outcomes.Learned helplessness appears to play a role in the occurrence of depression......
Any relatively permanent change in behavior(or behavior potential) resulting from experience.
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