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Leniency Effects
Tendencies to assign higher ratings to per­sons being evaluated than they actually deserve.......
A curved structure behind the pupil-that bends light rays, focusing them on the retina.......
Less-Leads-to-More Effect
The fact that rewards just barely sufficient to induce individuals to state positions contrary to their own views often generate more attitude change than larger rewards.
Levels of Processing View
A view of memory suggesting that the greater the effort expended in processing informa­tion, the more readily it will be recalled at later times.
According to Freud, the psychic energy that powers all mental activity.

Life Structure
In Levinson's theory of adult development, the underlying pattern or design of a person' life.......
In the context of health psychology, the overall pattern of decisions and behaviors that determine health and quality of life.......
Limbic System
Several structures deep within the brain that play a role in emotional reactions and behavior.
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