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A form of social influence in which one individ­ual issues orders to another to behave in a specific way.
The state of being significantly overweight.
Object Permanence
An understanding of the fact that objects continue to exist when they pass from view.
Observational Learning
The acquisition of new informa­tion, concepts, or forms of behavior through exposure to oth­ers and the consequences they experience.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Anxiety disorder in which an individual is unable to stop thinking the same thoughts or performing the same ritualistic behaviors.

Oedipus Complex
In Freud's theory,a crisis of psychosexual development in which children must give up their sexual attraction to their opposite-sex parent.

A procedure in which a response is weak­ened through the removal of a desired object or activity.

Openness to Experience
One of the "bigfive"dimensions of personality; ranges from imaginative, sensitive, intellec­tual at one end to down-to-earth, insensitive, crude at the other.
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