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Operant Conditioning
A process through which organisms learn to repeat behaviors that yield positive outcomes or per­mit them to avoid or escape from negative outcomes.
Drugs that induce a dreamy,relaxed state and,in some persons,intense feelings of pleasure.Opiates exert their effects by stimulating special receptor sites within the brain.
Opponent-Process Theory
A theory that describes the pro­cessing of sensory information related to color at levels above the retina.The theory suggests that we possess six types of neurons, each of which is either stimulated......
Opponent-Process Theory of Emotion
A theory suggesting that an emotional reaction to a stimulus is followed auto­matically by an opposite reaction......
Optic Nerve
A bundle of nerve fibers that exit the back of the eye and carry visual information to the brain.
Oral Stage
In Freud's theory,a stage of psychosexual devel­opment during which pleasure is centered in the region of the mouth.

Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Actions performed by individuals that are not part of their regular job but contribute to the success of the organization.
Oversight Bias
The tendency to overlook flaws if the overall topic or issue is perceived as important.

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