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Passive Smoking
Inhaling other people's cigarette smoke.

Peak Experiences
In Maslow's theory, intense emotional experiences during which individuals feel at one with the universe.
The process through which we select,organize,and interpret input from our sensory receptors.
Performance Appraisals
Annual or semi annual evaluations of employees' performance coupled with feedback about the ratings they have received.

Peripheral Nervous System
The portion of the nervous sys­tern that connects internal organs and glands,as well as vol­untary and involuntary muscles, to the central nervous system.
Peripheral Route (topersuasion)
Attitude change result­ing from peripheral persuasion cues-information con­cerning the expertise,status,or attractiveness of would-be per­suaders.......
Person-Environment (P-E) Fit
The approach that suggests that a misfit between a person and his or her work environment may produce stress......
Individuals' unique and relatively stable pat­terns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings.......
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