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Cognitive activity that transforms information in order to reach specific conclusions.
Shifting the boundary between "us" and "them" so that persons previously seen as belonging to out ­groups are now seen as belonging to the in group.
The rapid recovery of a conditioned response to a CS-UCS pairing following extinction.
The application or removal of a stimulus so as to increase the strength of a behavior.
Relative Size
A visual cue based on comparison of the size of an unknown object to one of known size.
REM Sleep
A state of sleep in which brain activity resem­bling waking restfulness is accompanied by deep muscle relaxation and movements of the eyes.Most dreams occur during periods of REM sleep.
Representativeness Heuristic
A mental rule of thumb sug­gesting that the more closely an event or object resembles typical examples of some concept or category,the more likely it is to belong to that concept or category.
A theory of forgetting that suggests that mem­ories of experiences or events we find threatening are some­times pushed out of consciousness so that they can no longer be recalled.

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