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Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)
Depression experienced during the winter months, supposedly stemming from a lack of exposure to sunlight.
Secondary Aging
Aging due to the effects of disease, dis­use, or abuse of the body.
Secondary Prevention
Techniques that focus on early detec­tion of psychological disorders so that minor disturbances will not develop into major ones.
Secondary Traits
According to Allport,traits that exert rel­atively specific and weak effects upon behavior.
Secure Attachment
A pattern of attachment in which infants actively seek contact with their mother and take comfort from her presence when they are reunited with her during the strange situation test.

Selective Attention
Our ability to pay attention to only some aspects of the world around us while largely ignoring others.

A stage of personal development in which individuals reach their maximum potential.
All the information and beliefs individuals have about their own characteristics and themselves.

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