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That's-Not-All Approach
A technique for gaining compli­ance in which a small extra incentive is offered before the tar­get person has agreed to or rejected a request.
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
A psychological test used to assess individual differences in several motives, such as achievement motivation and power motivation.
In science, frameworks for explaining various phe­nomena.Theories consists of two major parts:basic concepts and assertions concerning relationships between these concepts.
Therapeutic Alliance
The special relationship between ther­apist and client that contributes to the effectiveness of many forms of psychotherapy.
The quality of a sound, resulting from the comple makeup of a sound wave; timbre helps us to distinguish the sound of a trumpet from that of a saxophone.

Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenon
The feeling that we can almost remember some information we wish to retrieve from memory.

Token Economies
Forms of behavior therapy based on oper­ant conditioning, in which hospitalized patients earn tokens they can exchange for valued rewards when they behave in way the hospital staff consider to be des......
Habituation to a drug,causing larger and larger to be required to produce effects of the same magnitude.

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